Sunrise Contracting, LLC offers a variety of services to meet the needs of each customer. 

* SUE "Level A" Locating 

Sunrise Contracting strive to provide a positive experience when level A locating is required. We take the burden off of the customer by performing each aspect of the physical locate, including: 

          * Traffic Control

          * Concrete/Asphalt sawing and core drilling

          * Hydro excavate to safely expose any utilities

          * Proper backfilling and compaction

          * Industry leading, proven core reinstatements that allow roadways                 to be re-opened to traffic within 30-60 minutes of reinstatement.

          * Concrete/Ashpalt restoration 

          * Sod restoration

          * Site clean up  

* Core Drilling

* Saw Cutting 

* Surface Restoration

* Excavating 

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